There are different ways to contact me, depending on why you want to do it.

To ask me about some sort of business transactionwriting something, translating a text, and so oncontact my agent. The relevant name and address are:

Richard Balkin
The Balkin Agency
P.O. Box 222
Amherst, MA
(413) 548-9835

His e-mail address is his nickname (Rick) plus the number 62838 (all as one word, with no spaces) at

I’ve explained the address in this circuitous way in the hope of not generating spam to his address, to which he not long ago added the number above for just this reason.

If you want to reach me for some reason that does not involve a business transaction I have set up some other systems. My agent requests that you use them so that he does not have to forward so many notes.

1) If you have a correction or suggestion for future editions of 1491—or notice a mistake on this site—I have a special email address for that purpose, which I check from time to time. I am extremely grateful for the help. The address is 1491-book (note the hyphen) at

2) If you want me to speak somewhere, I'm happy to do it. But I've learned through painful experience that because I'm often on the road it is better for someone else to handle the details. This kind of request should be directed to the Jodi F. Solomon Speakers Bureau in Boston.

3) All other non-business requests should go to ccmann (my initials and name) at

Finally, I am less than enthusiastic about publishing photographs of myself, but if you insist on it the man with the snaps is the fine photojournalist Peter Menzel.

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