The author in Oaxaca (2002). Photograph © Peter Menzel
This is a set of Web pages about the writer Charles C. Mann. They are not about Charles Mann, the former star defensive lineman for the Washington Redskins. Sometimes people contact me in the hope that I will either be that Charles Mann or a relative; I’m not. I also don’t know how to contact him.
Every now and then I am asked for copies of past articles. A selection can be found here. Feel free to read the articles, but if you want to use them for more than purely personal purposes, or if you want a copy of something that is not on this Website, please do the courteous thing and speak to my agent. In general I do not charge for nonprofit use of my work. My agent’s contact information is listed on the contact page of this site.

People occasionally ask me for a vita—a summary paragraph about myself. You can read it here.

I get asked about this a lot, occasionally in exactly those words. The answer is not very interesting. I am named after my two grandfathers. My first name is my maternal grandfather’s name. My middle name is my paternal grandfather’s name. The latter knew I wanted to write and informed me that he would be highly annoyed if his name was left out of my byline. I didn’t have the courage actually to use his name, which would have given me an unwieldy double-barreled byline. So I compromised and used his initial. There you have it. Like I said, not all that interesting.
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